Mistakes That Are Often Made by Homeowners

In fact, there are a number of things that can make these problems and issues even bigger. While this may actually seem trivial, every discussion and matter agreed upon needs to be stated in a lawfully written document.


Here are some common mistakes homeowners make that you should avoid:

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  • There is no written document that clearly describes the conditions set for the process of building or renovating (renovate this house). Both parties are not clear about their respective rights and there are no clear guidelines explaining about this info
  • Do not do in -depth research on the contractor to be hired. Some continue to believe in the words of their peers. Continue to make full payments on a trust basis even if work has not yet begun. Does not monitor the progress of the work process performed. Make sure you always keep an eye on every stage that is done even when it is almost ready. Waiting for an abandoned project too long before making an action or complaint against this contractor


  1. Check the contractor’s background and keep the relevant documents


Research the contractor’s background such as asking a neighbor or other client’s client

Ensure that the contractor is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)

Check the license of the contractor at the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (CIDB). If there are any problems with this contractor, you can also make a complaint to CIDB to report the misconduct of this contractor for further action.

Ask for a quotation before you pay any deposit

Put in place specific conditions or clauses in case the contractor fails to complete within the stipulated time. You may also be able to set a discount penalty if the work is unsatisfactory or late in completion. Make sure there are written documents and a valid agreement between you and the contractor

Before signing a contract, make sure you read the terms and conditions set out in the contract carefully. Make sure you keep a payment receipt or photo as proof in case the contractor does not want to repair the damage and you want to take action against the company.


  1. Prepare an agreement between the homeowner and the contractor

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An agreement between the homeowner and the contractor is necessary to protect the rights of the homeowner in the event of a problem. It can also be used as a reference in case of doubt or dispute, and can also be used as evidence or a legal document.


Among the things that need to be in the agreement are:


  • Date of signing the agreement
  • Completion date (project)
  • In addition, enter the definition of a completed house and list the conditions that must be complied with that indicate the house has been completed or renovated.
  • Penalty if the contractor fails to complete the project on time
  • Building materials for walls, roofs, floors, number of switches and others.
  • Names and addresses of contractors and owners.
  • Payment stages – before the buyer pays, each stage must be certified by a qualified consultant, such as an architect, etc.
  • Defects Liability Period (DLP) -the period the contractor has to repair any damage to the project under it


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Why the internet is important for your business?

The success of a business depends on the existence of many aspects such as good employees, a suitable environment and good relationships with customers, and many more. Businesses in today’s era need to utilize technological advancements for their businesses to run more efficiently and with more quality. The usage of the internet allows the business to save time, communicate with people easily and as a whole, it enables the businesses to complete their tasks easily. This article will explain the advantages of the internet for businesses, especially in current times.  

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Easily communicate with others

If you own a business, you are familiar with client meetings and it is very important to brainstorm ideas for your clients and also to have a good relationship for the betterment of your business. Your clients may not live around your businesses and most of the client meetings are conducted through video conferencing by having a virtual meeting. Having a virtual meeting allows the business to save a lot of time traveling to have a face-to-face meeting. Therefore, virtual meetings are one of the important aspects of businesses. A video conference should be conducted without any interruption in both video and audio and the material you shared with your clients could be clear. A good internet service enables the business to provide quality virtual meeting experiences. 

It enables your websites and social media to be updated

For example, if you own a business or working in a company that requires the posting or publishing of videos as part of the business, your company needs good internet service. Internet with a high bandwidth is important for a video to play without any buffering and interruption. In today’s era, every company needs a complete official website that conveys the services or products created by the company. The quality and consistency in postings will attract your customers. To constantly update the events and services of the company, the businesses need a good internet connection. Social media is also an important medium to inform your customers or your clients about the services you are providing. This is important as it will increase the reputation of your business and the brand. A good internet connection allows you to update your social media and websites.

It will increase the productivity of the workers 

Owning a good internet connection for your business will help your workers to be productive during work time. It allows the workers to complete multiple jobs at a time. Internet with a speed allows the workers to do their job more easily. If you are looking for high-speed internet for your business, Time fibre in Malaysia provides you the internet service with your preferred plans. The workers can browse the website they want without unnecessary buffering. Workers should also communicate with themselves and update their works to their superiors. Especially workers who work from home will need to update their tasks from time to time. Some companies use software like Slack for the workers to communicate with themselves. All these things mentioned above need a good internet connection.

gutter repair malaysia

How to maintain the sustainability of you roof?

With the constant changes in the weather in Malaysia, the rain season may appear here occasionally. The heavy rains and wind may become a threat to the stability of the roof and outer parts of the buildings. The constant weather changes can be one of the reasons for the roof to become fragile and will get many dents on them. The roof is important for the building it should be maintained constantly. Now, how can we sustain the stability of the roof in order for it to protect the house? You can start with small steps with a cheaper option to maintain the quality of your roof. 

gutter repair malaysia

As a starter, you can start by checking your roofs occasionally. By checking the roofs once in a while, you can find out any damages or dents earlier and repair them before it becomes more damaged. You can do some learning about roof inspection, now that everything is available on the internet if you want to do it by yourself. You can also call the roof inspectors to check your roof for any damages. The roof inspectors will check your roof for any dents or damages on the shingles of the roof. They can find out if there are any cracks or mold grown in the roofs. The roofs may look fine to you but the professional can find out if there is a potential for the roof to get damaged. The thorough checking of your roof from time to time will maintain the sustainability of the roof on your house

The gutter system will maintain the quality of the system. The gutter is the pipe-like pathway that will work as the passage for the rain waters to go down through them to the drain. It prevents the rain waters to stuck on the roof for a long time. The roof tends to get exposed to all kinds of weather such as rain, sunlight, wind, and snow. Fixing the gutter system to your roof will prevent your roof from getting more damaged. If you are fixing a gutter to your roof it also needed to be checked and cleaned occasionally. There are many places for your gutter repair in Malaysia which you can look out for online. 

The type of roof plays an important role in how long it is going to sustain your house. It is important to do some research before choosing the type of roof. For some houses, metal roofs can be a perfect choice as the metal roofs have a natural quality of sustaining all kinds of weather. The metal roofs have high durability as they can sustain for a long time. It can withstand a high amount of wind. The shiny outlook of the roof will help the rain waters not to stuck on your roof. 

To protect the quality of your roof you need to check your shingles whether it is in a good condition. The shingles are also one of the materials that protect the roofs from all kinds of weather. The shingles have to be without any cracks or dents for a good quality roof. 

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Benefits you might not know about Sex Toys

Sex toys are objects that provide people endless sexual pleasure and gratification. These objects are presented with shapes of male or female gentile parts or shapes that fit for sexual play action, like masturbation. Although these objects looked weird and repulsive as most people view,  the global market sales of sex toys are gradually increasing from 29 billion US dollars to 38 US dollars from 2019 to 2021, and that growth is projected to be as much as 53 billion in the year 2026. This estimation has proved that the production of sex toys does play a crucial role in future economic growth. However, despite the growth of the sex toy industry, many consumers don’t even know the benefits offered by sex toys. Thus, without wasting time, let us take a look at the FIVE benefits that sex toys offer. 

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Benefits the Sex Toys offers to you: 

  • Improve Self-awareness 

Using sex toys to learn some previously unknown aspects of your body is the finest method to increase self-awareness. Contrary to popular belief, I agree that a sex toy cannot replace the original partner, but it may be a very useful tool for uncovering secret facts about your body’s sensuous activity.


  • Good for relationship

What couple doesn’t want to have even more fun!? Stacy Rybchin of My Secret Luxury adds, “Everyone could use more sex – it’s a wonderful thing.” “Sex toys allow couples to mix things up in the bedroom and enjoy a range of fun experiences. Your sexual connection will be more enjoyable if you adopt a fun sexual attitude.”


  • Increasing sexual performance

Vibrators, among other sex toys, can aid. In a manner that sex alone cannot, they can offer clitoral stimulation. Men frequently express their dissatisfaction with the amount of pressure they are put under to perform. Using sex toys can help relieve some of this tension, enabling both men and women to relax and enjoy the experience.


  • Enhance Body performance

Sex toys provide an alternative technique for a person with premature ejaculation to learn to manage their orgasm. They can try masturbating alone with sex toys, then cease stimulation just before orgasming. They should try again after a few seconds of waiting. Sex toys may also boost a partner’s enjoyment, especially if penetration isn’t feasible for long enough for them to climax. For female partners, consider stimulating the clitoris during intercourse and then aiding climax with a vibrator or other sex object.


  • Best for solos

Individuals may always feel the pleasure of sex without a partner using sex toys whether they are alone or if their lover is unable to be with them at the time. This assists a person to learn more since a person in a relationship may utilize sex toys to experiment with their spouse more completely. 

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MSC office for rent in Petaling Jaya

MSC office for rent in Petaling Jaya

MSC is an acronym for Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense. The MP office, located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, will be transformed into a state-of-the-art offices building. The company is currently involved in a contract with the Malaysian Armed Forces (MOC) to provide them with office space. Apart from a large conference hall and a lecture hall, it is also equipped with other amenities like meeting rooms and IT facilities. With this new facility, the MSC will become more accessible to its employees through better access to information technology, better collaboration opportunities between agencies, and more efficient communication channels.

MSC office for rent in Petaling Jaya

I work at a company that specializes in writing. We are a full-service agency and we need to support our clients with the writing part of their business. The MSC office in Petaling Jaya is a good place to work with the help of an AI writing assistant. It is a place where you can work on your assignments and not just type. MSC office for rent in Petaling Jaya is available for rent. This is one of the prime locations for a small and medium businesses. MSC office in Petaling Jaya is located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (between KLCC and SMK) which is also a shopping precinct where there are many shopping malls with high rent prices. But through AI, you can easily afford to live here without having to sell your house in Kuala Lumpur or Penang.

The MSc office for rent in Petaling Jaya is here to address both issues. MSC office for rent in Petaling Jaya offers flexible workspace, complete with internet and power outlets at a nominal price. The rental agreement can be extended to as long as you need it. The MSC office in Petaling Jaya is currently vacant office space. This means there are a number of vacant spaces and the rent is fairly cheap. You can make use of these online writing services to take your career to the next level. They will help you get better-paid jobs, win more assignments, and do more work than you would otherwise be able to do on your own. MSC office is considered to be the best office space in Petaling Jaya. It is well known for its quality of services and technology.

This company has offices in several cities around the country including Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, Selangor and Penang. They are very popular among people who want a high-quality service and they don’t want to waste money on expensive rent. The vacancy rate in MSC is low and yet still high. The reason is that the company has its own office space. Its marketing department often uses the space to host functions or to do research or they are just holding informal gatherings with their clients. A niche service provider in terms of the business is MSC office. So we should not forget about it and provide our services to the clients. But if we are looking for a big service provider, then we should look for another alternative because there are many other places that provide similar services but at more affordable prices.

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Guide 101: Ship Chartering

ship chartering Malaysia

What is ship chartering? Ship chartering is the process of transporting cargoes in a secure and cost-effective manner. It is actually important for charterers to have a broad understanding of the critical anticipation and the speciality of strategies when it comes to negotiating and decision making for chartering for both respective charter parties.

To put chartering in a broader aspect, the process of chartering is when the shipowner rents the ship to either the cargo company or owner so that they can transport the cargoes from one port to another. The advantage of ship chartering is to deal with agreements, prevent any difficulty when chartering ships and to organize any disputes if there is any. Here is a list of some ship chartering companies in Malaysia.


MBL Shipping Sdn.Bhd is a shipping company that does worldwide transportation and logistics in the shipping business. This company helps clients around the world to transport containers and also does logistic services. Not only that, MBL Shipping is in the business long enough to provide good service as they are experts in vessel chartering like breakbulk cargo and stocking projects. Additionally, they have also done ship chartering Malaysia to many destinations. Last but not least, they specialises in loading cargo to in the most of the Asia continent like:

  • Middle East
  • China 
  • Southeast Asia

Transeaways Shipping Sdn Bhd

This company was established back in 1998 to bestow logistic solutions such as importing and exporting in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Kuantan. The company was started out by 2 young men who hold a master degree who aim to build competitive and shipping services in Kuantan. Transeaways Shipping Sdn Bhd specialises in Transeaways Shipping and Master Cargo logistics. Their export and import coverage covers areas such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Myanmar.

Liberty Shipping

Established in 2005, Liberty Shipping Sdn Bhd provides their services to Malaysia and their overseas customers with extra services that are typically not provided by other organisations. The services they offer to the client is by relying on land,air and ocean services. Besides that, their main priority is to have a win-win situation for both them and their client. Thus, providing a good service to their customers. In the transportation of projects and heavy loads, Liberty shipping and chartering Sdn Bhd has a unique way to help its customers get things done.


Logosco specialises in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine engineering
  • Offshore industries

Logosco also have services that can provide worldwide services at any size dry cargo tonnage that is not limited to navigate through bulk carriers, multipurpose and reefer. Besides that, they also provide charter shipment (full and part), time chartering, voyage, freight cover, contracting and many more. By using their services, you can ensure that high-quality services will be provided to you.

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Planning On Renting An Apartment? Here’s What To Look Out For

If you’re thinking of renting an apartment in Beranang (or any kind of property, for that matter), there are a few things to think about and keep an eye out for when viewing the property. It is essential that you ensure that you would be comfortable with the space, amenities, and other features offered by the property. Looking through photographs and viewing 360-degree video tours isn’t the only way to discover an apartment. For a genuine image, you must view most sites with your own eyes. Have an apartment touring itinerary with you when you visit to ensure you don’t miss anything.

The purpose of the trip

Apartment viewings aren’t only about gaining a glimpse of what life may be like in the place. You must ensure that it is not only attractive, but also secure, habitable, and in excellent working order. You should not accept a lease just because of the wonderful indoor gym or the unit’s square size; you need to thoroughly check your potential home to avoid being ripped off.

How long does it take to visit an apartment?

The majority of apartment tours won’t take up much of your schedule. Schedule roughly an hour to visit the apartment and get a sense for the overall location, based on the square footage and if your visit includes building amenities. On your tour, try to take a brief stroll around the block to ensure that the apartment you want is in an area you like.

You should also bring the papers which you’ll have to complete like a tenancy agreement with you. If you like the property but are concerned that it will be taken away, having your cheque book, a job pay stub, your most recent bank statement, and your picture ID on hand enables you to fill out an application on the spot.


Checklist for the ideal apartment tour

An apartment tour’s purpose is to be comprehensive and double-check everything. Take this guideline with you to get the most of your visit. This useful summary, which goes room by room, guarantees you don’t miss anything.

If you spot a problem, let the necessary people know

If you see anything that bothers you but you still like the flat, don’t be afraid to tell the property management about it. Using digital photography as evidence might also help you win your case. They’ll almost certainly want to remedy the issue to avoid having difficulties renting the property in the future. If they consent to any changes or enhancements, be sure to include them in the lease. The property management, on the other hand, may object with your evaluation and fail to make any changes. Another warning sign on the flat has been raised, so it’s necessary to let it go.

Make a complete apartment tour checklist

To ensure that you’re choosing a well-maintained, secure apartment, all you need is a keen eye and meticulous attention to detail, and this checklist will help you stay on track. You’ll probably look at a few apartments before deciding on the best one, and having a checklist to refer to may help you make your final selection. Do you have an apartment tour guideline yet? There are several advantages to having one.

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How to Start a Long-Term Home Storing Food and Preparing for Emergencies

Food pantries, or “pantries” as they were referred to back then, were an essential element of every household. Because weekly trips to the market were unrealistic or impossible, families depended on their pantries to get through the long winter months.

Most individuals nowadays live within a short drive to a grocery shop, so putting up a home-cooked food pantry may seem unnecessary. Organizing a pantry for long-term food preservation, on the other hand, is an excellent idea for a variety of reasons.

Airtight Containers

The benefits of a homemade food pantry

Building a food pantry for long-term food storage has numerous advantages.

  1. Urgent readiness

One of the most important advantages of having a home food pantry is that you can prepare for both short- and long-term situations. There are a variety of scenarios that can make going to the grocery store difficult or impossible, and Ready.gov provides a comprehensive list of hypothetical emergency scenarios to illustrate the point, ranging from a biological attack to a large snowstorm to a pandemic. When you read the list, your stress levels may soar, as mine did.

It is important to realize that food shortages can occur anywhere, at any time, even if your area is not experiencing an emergency. Most grocery stores only have enough food on hand to meet the needs of their community for three days, sometimes even less. If something happens to disrupt the food supply chain, this means your local market could run out of food very quickly.

  1. Save money

A homemade food pantry is also a great way to save money at the grocery store. A large pantry gives you the space you need to shop in bulk, take advantage of the weekly sales, and you can get your own food from the garden. A well-stocked pantry also means you don’t have to go to the grocery store every few days, saving money on gas. With fewer trips to the store, you’re also less likely to be tempted by impulse purchases and other unplanned purchases. You will also save a considerable amount of time by buying less.

  1. Food safety

A home pantry provides food security for you and your family. This is especially important if you lose your job, lose a working spouse, become ill, have fluctuating income, or if you only work seasonally. Having enough food on hand means you don’t have to worry about feeding your family; This can alleviate a great deal of stress in uncertain times.


Airtight Containers

How to organize a homemade food pantry

Setting up a homemade food pantry doesn’t have to be a major project. It is often best to start small and slowly build your pantry over time.

  1. Consider your goals

First, think carefully about why you want a home pantry. Your goals will directly affect the amount of space you need. For example, is your goal simply to have a three-day supply of food for everyone in your family, as recommended by Ready.gov, or do you want enough food to be stored to get you through a longer emergency? Do you want your pantry to serve as a mini market so you can stock up on bulk or retail produce, or do you want more space for canned goods and farmers’ market produce?

These are just a few common goals for a food pantry, and yours could be a combination of all of them. It is important to think about what you want to use your food pantry for so that you reserve enough space to meet your needs.

  1. Think about the location

The best place for long-term airtight containers is often against an exterior wall in the basement because it is cooler here. However, if your home doesn’t have a basement, any cool dark corner or closet will work just fine. If you live in a small house or apartment, dedicating an entire closet to long-term food storage might not be an option. Instead, find other unused spaces where you can store extra food. Under the bed and at the top of your closet, there are good places to start.

  1. Buy shelves

If needed, start shopping for wood shelves or sturdy wire to use in your pantry. The bookshelf often goes on online sale in August during back-to-school events, and in January. If you have the skills and tools, you will save money by building your own bookshelves.

Online family medicine courses in malaysia

Online Family Medicine courses in Malaysia

Online family medicine courses in malaysiaOnline medical courses not only help students gain skills and keep up-to-date with current developments in the field, but they also save time and money. Online family medicine courses in Malaysia are aimed at those who have a desire to improve their skill set. They can also provide a platform for future doctors to learn more about health education. Malaysia is an emerging country with a high number of people living below the poverty line. With such a high population, Malaysia has to shift from the traditional healthcare system to a more modernized healthcare system. The online family medicine course in Malaysia is a training process that allows students to study and learn at home or other locations. It also allows students to take up family medicine training while they are still employed. The courses are offered by universities and medical schools in Malaysia and abroad. 

Online family medicine courses in malaysia

The benefits of online family medicine courses in Malaysia are that they are convenient, affordable, and flexible. Students can study at any time of their convenience and the course content is delivered through various multimedia channels such as video lectures, audio lessons, etc. Online medical courses are becoming more popular among students worldwide as they offer convenience, flexibility, and affordability. They also facilitate learning through multimedia tools such as video lectures, audio lessons, etc.  The study of medicine began thousands of years ago with the first doctors who invented and developed treatments. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that the first medical schools were opened in Europe. The introduction of an online family medicine course can help students to learn about the practice, not just from a theoretical way but also from a hands-on approach.

Online courses offer a number of benefits to students including accessibility, flexibility, convenience, and cost savings. Online Family Medicine courses in Malaysia are gaining traction. They offer convenience, flexibility, and an opportunity in terms of accessibility. The benefits of online family medicine courses in Malaysia include the cost savings of not having to travel to school or purchase textbooks and the accessibility that comes with being able to study from anywhere at any time. Online family medicine courses in malaysia are more cost-effective and convenient compared to conventional medical education. An online family medicine course is a medical education program that provides learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide primary health care.

Online family medicine courses in malaysia

Online courses are available in Malaysia for providers like doctors and nurses, who can then use the curriculum to improve their skill sets. They are offered by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Many students in Malaysia are looking for online family medicine courses, with the main reason being the lack of resources. These courses can be found at private medical colleges and universities in Malaysia. One of the benefits of these online courses is that they are accredited and recognized by Malaysian government agencies. They also provide an affordable alternative to traditional university education. Online medical courses can help students cover many subjects like physical health, mental health, theoretical knowledge and clinical practice through practice-based learning.

internet bank account creation malaysia

Set Up A Personal Internet Bank Account To Achieve Your Financial Aspirations

With more and more people investing in digital assets, one of the most common questions is whether or not it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies without having to pay fees. This blog article explores a personal account that utilizes blockchain technology, with many sound benefits for anyone interested in learning how to invest without giving up too much. 

internet bank account creation malaysia

How much is it going to cost?

One of the most common questions that come up when people are planning to start a personal internet bank account is “How much is it going to cost?” The answer? It depends on how you want to set up your account. To set up an online bank account, most people can expect to spend between $75 and $150 for the initial setup fee, but these costs will vary depending on how much you would like to deposit and how often you plan on using your account.

What are my options for setting up an internet bank account?

There are several options for setting up a personal internet bank account. The best option for your needs may depend on how you want to access your spending and deposits. One option is getting a debit card with a bank’s logo on it and opening an account. Another option is to create an online bank account if you’re looking for more anonymity or if you feel safer opening accounts at different banks in person. You can also sign-up for services like Mint, which will help you keep track of your spending habits, money transfers, and balances across multiple accounts. There are two different options for setting up a personal internet bank account. The first option is to use an online banking service that specializes in internet banking, like Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo. This type of company has already been making money online since the mid-1990s so they have more experience than your average internet bank. The second option is to set up your own internet bank account creation malaysia such as Personal Capital. There are some benefits to setting up your own online bank but it also requires more time and effort than using a top-tier service like one of the banks previously mentioned.

internet bank account creation malaysia

What does the process look like when setting up a bank account online?

Setting up your bank account online may be difficult and time-consuming, but it’s worth the work. Making mistakes when you’re new to personal finance is common, so use this guide to find out everything you need to know. You can set up a personal internet bank account in about three minutes. With the template and instructions provided, you’ll be able to set up your account and start using it as soon as possible. To avoid any hassles, take a couple of minutes to read through the guide below.

What are the benefits of using an internet bank account?

Not all banks are created equal and not all personal internet bank accounts are created equally. That’s why we developed a list of benefits that come with using Wall Street Bankers’ Personal Internet Bank Account service. Internet banking accounts offer many benefits to their users. These accounts are safer, easier to use, and more secure than traditional bank accounts from brick-and-mortar banks. A personal internet bank account allows you to perform day-to-day tasks such as paying bills and withdrawing cash with the convenience of a digital wallet. It’s also significantly cheaper than the average retail bank account.

internet bank account creation malaysia

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