Best Way To Store Breastmilk in Freezer, How About Refrigerator?

Best Way To Store Breastmilk in Freezer, How About Refrigerator?

Breast milk frozen in storage bag and baby lying on background

All of us know that babies always need breast milk for their growth. We often think about what is the best way to store breastmilk in freezer. But actually there is another way to store breastmilk. Maybe the best way to store breastmilk in freezer but actually you can store it in another way.

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Store Your Breast Milk In Refrigerator

Other than keeping your milk in the freezer, you also can keep your breast milk in the refrigerator. If you plan to use the expressed breast milk immediately, store it in the refrigerator to avoid thawing. But how long does breast milk last in the refrigerator?

The refrigerator should be considered a short-term storage solution for breast milk. Refrigerated breast milk is best used within 24 hours, but properly stored breast milk can be kept for up to 4 days. Here’s how to store breast milk in the refrigerator.

We start with a suitable container. Use clean containers to store breast milk. You can use bottles with screw caps, hard plastic cups with tight caps, or sturdy breast milk storage bags. Regular plastic storage bags are not recommended to store breast milk. That is because regular plastic storage is prone to leaks and spills.

Second, you need to choose the right place to store the breast milk. The space you allocate for storing breast milk is important. Especially when you store your breast milk in the refrigerator. Freshly expressed milk is the coldest part of the refrigerator, so always keep it in the back of the refrigerator.

A door that changes temperature every time you open and close it is the worst place to store breast milk in your refrigerator. That is because if you put them in any place they can last a long time.

You might be confused whether you can mix the milk from multiple pumps or not? Actually mixing milk from multiple pumps is no problem. Many mums wonder if a single pumping may not produce enough milk. Can fresh milk be added to chilled milk? Answer Yes, it is okay to combine expressed milk from multiple sessions, but there is one caveat.

You need to always chill new milk before adding it to old milk. A better idea is to put both, new chill milk and old milk in the refrigerator for a few hours before mixing in the milk. If the milk is not going to be used immediately, label it with the old milk date and put it in the freezer.

Do not reheat milk once it has been heated. This is because repeated reheating of breast milk increases the risk of bacterial growth. Therefore we should avoid our babies to drink breast milk that has been reheated multiple times. So you must offer fresh breast milk at your next feed for your babies to make sure they’re healthy.

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How To Warm Your Milk?

The last thing you want to do when your baby is crying for milk is wait for those breast milk to warm up. But actually you can do it sooner than you think. Gently stir the milk in the bottle. For sachets, massage the milk while immersing it in warm running water for a few minutes.

You can also warm the milk by filling a bowl with lukewarm water. Use lukewarm, not hot, water to avoid overheating the milk. Another way to warm your milk is to use a bottle warmer. Again, stay away from the microwave. This is because uneven heating can burn your baby or damage your milk, Clark says.

Whichever method you choose, always make sure your milk is the right temperature for your baby. Try putting a drop on the inside of your forearm before feeding your baby. You need to make sure the milk feels warm and not hot.

mother care

10 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Actually Normal

Congratulations on your pregnancy! While motherhood can bring immense joy, it can also be quite a dramatic experience, with changes to your body that you may not have expected. From swollen ankles and cravings for strange combinations of food to fatigue and more intense emotions, there are some weird pregnancy symptoms that are completely normal.

It’s important to remember to take care of yourself during this time by getting plenty of rest and eating healthy meals. This is the best way to ensure mother care for both you and your baby throughout the entire journey.

10 Common Weird Symptoms During Pregnancy

Here are 10 common weird symptoms that many pregnant women experience in the first trimester:

1. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are common during the first trimester. While it’s normal to experience some morning sickness, more severe cases may require medical attention.

2. Food Cravings

During pregnancy, many women experience cravings for certain foods that they wouldn’t usually eat. This can include anything from ice cream to pickles!

3. Fatigue

Despite the fact that you’re growing a human inside of you, feeling tired all the time is a very real symptom of pregnancy. It’s important to remember to take breaks throughout the day and get enough rest.

4. Sore Breasts

Thanks to an increase in hormones, pregnant women often experience soreness and tenderness in their breasts. Wear comfortable clothes that don’t irritate the area, and if it becomes too uncomfortable, talk to your healthcare provider about possible treatment options.

mother care

5. Mood Swings

The combination of hormones and physical changes can cause mood swings during pregnancy. It’s important to be understanding with yourself and talk to a doctor if you feel overwhelmed or have difficulty managing your emotions.

6. Constipation

An increase in progesterone can cause constipation during pregnancy, so make sure to eat foods that are high in fiber and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

7. Increased Sense of Smell

While this may seem like an odd symptom, many pregnant women report having a heightened sense of smell. This can result in sensitivity to certain smells and aversions to others.

8. Headaches

Hormonal changes can cause headaches during pregnancy, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about possible treatments that are safe for the mother and baby.

9. Dizziness/Lightheadedness

As your body adjusts to the growing baby inside of you, some women may experience lightheadedness or dizziness due to changing hormone levels and an increase in blood volume. If this persists, speak with a healthcare provider as soon as possible.

10. Swollen Ankles

Fluid retention is normal during pregnancy, which can lead to swollen feet and ankles. Try elevating your feet when you sit or take a break and invest in supportive footwear to help reduce swelling.

While these weird symptoms can be daunting at times, remember that they are all completely normal so you don’t have to worry about them.


These are just some of the weird symptoms that pregnant women may experience during their first trimester but remember — if any of these become too uncomfortable or worrisome, talk to your doctor for advice. From cravings to lightheadedness, motherly care is essential for a healthy and safe pregnancy journey.  With the right measures in place, you can make sure that both you and your baby are taken care of every step of the way.

Taking motherly care of yourself is the best way to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy!

buy child education savings plan Malaysia

The Importance Of Your Child’s Primary School Subjects

Your child’s years of education are about to start months after you buy child education savings plan Malaysia, which guarantees that they will be going smoothly and the school fees will not be the biggest issue you will face in your life. So far, so good.

Now it might sound silly as to why you are about to be explained about the importance of the usual subjects in your child’s primary school, but if you think about it, these highlights are more for your child than yourself. You can take them and use it as advice to them when they might ask why they need to go to school.

We have all been there. At some point in our school lives, we wondered why we needed to learn about this and that, and it wasn’t until long after school that we knew why. We may also be eventually interested in some of the subjects like chemistry or history in our free time, and we paid more attention to them than we were at school.

So what to explain to your child about the importance of the subjects that they will definitely learn?


Bahasa Melayu and English

As both are language classes, they are lumped together as one category. As Malaysians, Bahasa Melayu is our national language, so it is natural that we learn it from kindergarten. English is also just as important because it is practically the universal language of most humans.

Regardless of nationality, English is always the secondary language of those not living in English speaking countries including Britain, United States, Australia, Canada and Ireland, though accents and the language structure can differ.

BM and English are very important in developing your dictionary and communication skills. It doesn’t just end at your school, you will continue to learn and develop your language skills even in your free time. The more you spend time practicing BM and English, the better you can speak them appropriately in certain situations.



Science is about the curiosity of nature and matter all around us. How do our phones work? How is rain formed? What are the species of certain mammals? Why can we breathe oxygen?

Science gives you logical explanations to make sense of how things work, and why. As a kid, it may be a subject that you will be drawn into. Maybe you like science because changing chemical colors look cool or the visuals of your science textbook are pretty to look at, but you are also curious about the world and want to know more. 

You want to discover and explore new things, and you are fascinated by the mechanisms of life and the world itself. If you want to be a doctor, scientist, or other science-related careers, this is the starting point for you.



buy child education savings plan malaysia is calculating

Mathematics may be the bane of your existence as a school student. You will yawn at the numbers, calculations and the problems you have to solve. You might not plan to become anything related to maths, so why bother?

To start with, learning how to count and work the numbers by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are crucial because in your daily life, you will use even the basics of mathematics. Say you get RM50 from your mother, and she tells you to buy five donuts and return the correct balance of RM30. One donut costs RM4, so you buy at a total of RM20.

Subtract RM20 from RM50 and you now have RM30. That will be your answer when you return the balance to your mom after she asks you how much is the change now, just to test you.

Mathematics is also important because it helps you solve problems, which isn’t always just numbers but anything else too. You have to think and decide the correct or best solution to solve the problems, and if one answer fails, try again.

bachelor of medicine and surgery in malaysia

A guide to bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia

Numerous students from all around the world apply for bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia each year to continue their dream. Students who successfully complete this programme have a wide range of employment options. Numerous of Malaysia’s best medical schools provide opportunities to study bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia. If you are interested in this programme, but still don’t know much about it, here will be a simple guide to you. Before enrolling in a bachelor of medicine and surgery programme, you must be aware of the following information.

person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near

What is bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia?

The Bachelor of medicine and surgery (B.M.S.) is a comprehensive medical degree that is awarded by medical schools and universities in many countries and is one of the most common medical degrees.  Requirements for enrollment in bachelor of medicine and surgery vary by country and university. However, most schools that offer bachelor of medicine and surgery require some knowledge of biology, chemistry, and basic sciences.

In addition, many medical schools require students to pass an entrance exam prior to enrollment and to complete a licensing exam prior to graduation. While enrolled, students are required to take an extensive medical curriculum over five to six years and participate in a year-long internship to earn the degree. If you are interested, consider studying for a bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia. It provides a comprehensive education in all areas of medicine and prepares you for a medical career.

What are the benefits of pursuing a bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia? What career opportunities you can have

The bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia is a prestigious undergraduate degree that offers a number of benefits to its recipients. The most obvious benefit is that it allows a person to become a medical doctor. This is a highly respected and sought after profession that can help people and truly change the world. In addition to this, the MBChB confers a number of other benefits. These include.

  • The ability to diagnose and treat medical conditions
  • The opportunity to work in a variety of medical settings
  • The ability to perform surgery
  • Ability to research medical conditions and treatment methods
  • Respect and admiration from peers

After graduation, there are many employment opportunities for students studying bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia. Some examples include working as a doctor in a clinic or hospital, a medical researcher, a medical sales representative, or a health policy maker. The skills and knowledge you acquire during your undergraduate studies will provide the foundation for a successful career in the medical field.

For those who aspire to make a career in the medical field, studying bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia is a good choice. But before you choose to study, you must know that the study of medicine is tough and you need to learn a lot of knowledge, read a lot of books, and memorize them. This requires a great deal of perseverance and endurance to endure this hard life. Once you have chosen this path, then while you are respected, you must also learn to accept the hardships that come with it.


ppe cabinet malaysia

Personal Protective Equipment Malaysia

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is special clothing or equipment that protects users from infectious material and substances when handling it. Infections could come from when handling chemicals, electrical, mechanical, radiological etc. PPE is often used in the workplace or laboratory that faced risk from hazardous materials every day. Personal protective equipment may include gloves, safety shoes, earplugs, coveralls etc. 

These types of equipment need to be designed following the guidelines to enhance user safety. PPE need to be stored in a designated place that will ensure its safety in a sanitary surrounding. Most workplaces or laboratories own PPE cabinet Malaysia and locate them somewhere that has easy access. 

Level of Personal Protective Equipment

There are three main levels to determine what type of ensemble is needed for the user to wear. 

Level A: Protect respiratory, skin, eye and mucous membranes at the highest level. Its ensemble includes gloves, chemical resistance, innerwear or outerwear, boots, steel toe and shank. 

Level B: Protect the respiratory at the highest level but lower level for skin and eye protection. This level of protection is the minimum that is recommended on common site entries. Before any hazardous situation is inspected more carefully by running a detailed analysis, users need level B protection. The ensemble is similar to level A with the addition of chemical-resistant clothing which includes disposable chemical-resistant overalls, long-sleeved jackets, chemical hooded splash suits and coveralls. 

ppe cabinet malaysia

Level C: Used when the type of airborne substance is confirmed, done measuring any concentration, and met every criterion of using air-purifying. When using level C personal protective equipment, skin and eye exposure are improbable. The ensemble is similar to the two other levels plus a full-face or half-face mask, and an air-purifying respirator that is approved by NIOSH. 

Level D: The lowest level where mainly used as a work uniform for people that work in the hazardous environment every day. Users only need coveralls and safety boots. Other equipment or ensemble will be needed according to the situation whichever is suitable. However, this level should not ever be the PPE for sites where respiratory or skin infection exists. 

Personal Protective Equipment Cabinet

When you already know the level of protection needed and its ensemble, you need to store the equipment in a secured area. A specially designed PPE cabinet is used to store this equipment so that it will protect its function. There are a few types of cabinets in the market but the common is a steel two-door cabinet. The cabinet also comes with four levels with the same diameter for each to store every piece of equipment properly. 

ppe cabinet malaysia


Personal Protective Equipment is solely to protect human beings from hazardous substances. Health workers who deal with Covid-19 patients also need to wear PPE so they would not get infected by the virus. When the number of PPE was reducing rapidly, we still remember how Malaysian provided the health force self-made PPE. The equipment is important for people who work with infectious substances. You will never know when the risk is up. Always prioritize your safety then you can save others. 

What are Benefits of Artificial Intelligence inside Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a modern technology in all aspects. The application of artificial intelligence greatly facilitates various jobs, including in the business world. Artificial intelligence no longer only appears in science fiction films. But it has manifested in your daily life. Let’s find more about Omron automation component Malaysia.

Omron automation component Malaysia

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is a broad branch of computer science, concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence. AI collects and processes various data into useful information in order to complete tasks. This term has emerged since the 20th century, both in various studies and fantasy films. Starting from the presence of the Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC) in 1940, which aroused the enthusiasm of scientists to develop the idea of ​​making an electronic brain. The idea evolved and continues to evolve as the artificial intelligence we know today.

What Are the Uses of Artificial Intelligence?

Performing Data Analysis

For artificial intelligence to be able to analyze various kinds of data, because the system in it uses an array of algorithms. For example, you do a search for fashion in Malaysia on a search engine. The AI ​​system then collects data for later analysis. As a result, when you open social media, advertisements about fashion immediately appear. That’s how artificial intelligence works.

Processing Big Data

Technology is not only capable of analyzing data, but also processing big data.

Correct Documents Accurately

One of the benefits of artificial intelligence is being able to detect errors in documents better. Spelling errors can be detected immediately and then corrected by the AI ​​system. It’s very important to know when an application crashes due to an input error.

Omron automation component Malaysia

Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Business

The use of artificial intelligence is starting to be massive in various sectors, one of which is the economy and business. Small-scale companies or SMEs, medium, to large can take advantage by implementing AI systems. Here are some of the benefits and applications of artificial intelligence in business.

More Optimal Data Processing

Companies need the best data analysis and processing to increase production and sales. The existence of artificial intelligence really helps a business to do several things. You name it, studying market trends, and collecting customer behavior data. How big are the consumer shopping opportunities, and many others.

Support 24 Hours Customer Service

Business will not be successful if it does not prioritize customer satisfaction. Both in terms of service and quality of services or products offered. For customer service or customer service, companies are greatly helped by its application to AI. The company can serve customers in real-time for 24 hours. Customer service with AI technology can save budget costs. The company does not need to add employees to be able to serve its customers 24 hours a day. Companies only need to implement AI-powered applications such as virtual assistants, maps, place locations, available services, and more.

laboratory research equipment Malaysia

Essential Chemistry Glassware For Your First Lab

So, you have finally set up your first lab that mainly deals with chemistry, and now all you need is laboratory research equipment Malaysia. Maybe you know a thing or two about flasks, but you need way more than just a few tubes or cylinders. 

Glassware are the icons of chemistry for a good reason. They are your primary containers of chemicals and also work as measuring tools for the liquids. There are a variety of glassware that come in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs.


A beaker is a large cylindrical container with a flat bottom and usually comes with a spout at its upper rim. The purpose of the spout is to ensure that liquids are poured effectively without wasting the excess and causing a risk of chemical splashes or contact.

A beaker can hold varying volumes of liquid, and comes in different sizes. Heating and mixing of substances can take place in a beaker. It is not really used for accurately measuring chemicals despite coming with measurements. There are other glassware that do a better job at such.

Conical flask

Also known as an Erlenmeyer flask, its neck is cylindrical and narrow,  joined by a large, conical body and a flat bottom. It is one of the most used flasks in laboratories to carry out different experiments such as filtrations, crystallizations and titration. 

The flask also makes stirring easier as thanks to its conical body, chemical spills are impossible unless the bottom is smashed, cracked, or the chemical is poured out of the neck on purpose. Besides, it can also be capped with a rubber cap or cork, but it must never be sealed when boiling liquids or the pressure will build inside and explode the flask.

Boiling flask

A boiling flask is round at the bottom and is connected by a long, narrow neck. Similar to conical flasks, it can be used to mix and heat chemicals, and can also be capped. Again, it must never be boiled while sealed or it will meet the same consequence as conical flasks.

Test tube

A test tube is a small, cylindrical pipe with one circular opening and a rounded bottom. They are used to store or mix reagents in any chemical or biological reactions. Very useful when a qualitative assessment is required when testing a large amount of samples.

Watch glass

laboratory research equipment Malaysia

A round glass that is slightly concave like a lens that holds a small amount of liquids, solids or other substances as needed. It can also be used as a lid for a beaker.

Volumetric flask

Also known as a graduated or measuring flask, this is primarily used to prepare solutions. Its neck is long and narrow, attached to a flat, conical bottom. Its precise volume measurements enable liquids to be measured accurately.

In addition to a number that indicates the size of a correct stopper, the volumetric flask is also calibrated for a specific temperature as indicated on itself.

Graduated cylinder

A graduated or measuring cylinder is a primary tool to accurately measure liquids to achieve a specific, precise volume. It has several unit measurements up and down the body, and comes in a variety of sizes. The smaller its diameter is, the more specific the volume measurements will be.

top 5 logistics companies in Malaysia

Check Out These 5 Logistics Companies in Malaysia!

It is usual to hear the term “logistics” every once in a while, but some people might not know the actual definition of logistics or are unsure of the importance of logistics in our daily lives. Without the existence of logistics, we would not enjoy the benefits of online shopping or purchasing and receiving stocks for our businesses. Without us actually realising it, logistics definitely plays a huge role in our lives. Therefore, let’s take a look at the top 5 logistics companies in Malaysia.


top 5 logistics companies in Malaysia

What exactly does it mean by logistics?

In spite of the widespread belief that it does not play a significant role, logistics is an essential component of the supply chain.


Two of the most important responsibilities of logistics are moving things from one location to another and maintaining those locations. The supply chain is made up of a number of different companies and organisations that collaborate with one another in order to produce and deliver goods. Logistics are just one component of this chain.


Why are logistics important?

Although the movement of goods is the core concern of logistics, the effects of this discipline can be observed in a variety of other contexts as well. When a firm focuses on its logistics, it is able to improve its inventory management, make better use of the space it has available for storage, make its customers and suppliers more satisfied, and streamline its supply chain.


Any one of these things has the potential to significantly affect a company’s bottom line. It is essential to keep in mind that the process of handling returns is part of logistics in order to extract the greatest possible profit from these goods.

top 5 logistics companies in Malaysia

What are the top 5 logistics companies in Malaysia?

If you’re looking for a logistic company to help distribute and deliver your products to clients and customers, here is a list of the top 5 logistic companies that you can consider approaching:


KGW Logistics (M) Sdn. Bhd

KGW Logistics delivers supply chain logistics as a 3PL. They strive to show customers their value. They’ve served customers in consumer products, construction, retail, communications, electronics, commodities, oil and gas, education, and healthcare. Their trucks, warehouses, and other assets don’t define us. Their personnel uphold excellent standards wherever they work. Most customers trust them because of their success.


Sasa Aircargo Express Sdn Bhd

Since 1982, ASA AirCargo Express Sdn Bhd has been a reliable source of air freight. The company works in more fields. SASA’s goal is to provide the best air freight service based on customer care, and it has become a leader in international freight forwarding and customs brokerage over time. SASA Air Cargo can offer great air freight services to our growing list of happy customers because we stick to the industry’s core belief that customers should get what they want on time and for a fair price.


Altus Malaysia

Altus Malaysia was started in 2010 and became a part of the Altus Logistics Group Network. There are three main parts to their business: Marine, Oilfield, and Logistics. Altus Malaysia runs Altus Freight Management, which helps courier, express, and e-commerce companies get their last-mile deliveries done. Altus Aviation was just put together recently. They are able to design suitable solutions for their customers, frequently by challenging the status quo, as a result of their years of expertise, knowledge acquisition, and extensive learning in their domains.


ALFRO Freight Forwarders (M) Sdn Bhd

ALFRO FREIGHT FORWARDERS started in 1985. As a service-oriented organisation, they’ve delivered quality and outstanding service to all their consumers. To do this, their team of seasoned professionals focuses on cost-effective and efficient planning while keeping their clients’ interests and welfare in mind. Skilled and certified professionals offer entire logistics and distribution for shipping and transit. They provide multi-modal transportation, including air, sea, and land, to ensure your products reach swiftly, reliably, and cheaply.


Worldgate Express Services Sdn Bhd – HQ

Worldgate has provided superior logistics solutions since 1999. They want to bring the world together and boost trade. Its fundamental goal is to help clients succeed since they do too. They help global customers simplify and improve their supply chains from Kuala Lumpur. They’re proud to be Malaysia’s top logistics and shipping company.

online banking Malaysia

Benefits of Online Banking

Presently, most individuals rely on online banking to conduct payments for our commitments and do our tasks. Online banking Malaysia has emerged as one of the most essential systems in our lives, whether people are working in the business world or are housewives purchasing groceries. What other advantages can online banking offer us besides smooth transactions when making purchases?

Pay Bills Online

With the help of a banking app and your bank’s website, you can conduct bill payments easily without worrying about your check getting lost in the mail. The only little hassle is to fill out the information once, save it, and you can choose them as payee every time you have to make a payment. Most banks provide automatic payment in the same amount every month. As a result, your car payment or insurance policy expense is well taken care of. 

Transaction History

Online banking is able to assist you in accessing your transaction history easily.  It’s the quickest way to seam through your transactions and confirm whether you have done certain payments. Hence, you can investigate if there are any unauthorized payments that were made and report them immediately. Additionally, the majority of banks will show you pending transactions that were supposed to be made on business days or when the business has closed. 

Money Transfers

Money transfers between accounts are quick now as well with the help of online banking. It’s simple, and you don’t even have to visit the ATM at your bank’s branch or an automated phone service that requires you to provide certain information. Different types of accounts at a similar bank may only take a day to process, however, the process may take up to 3 days if you’re transferring money to a different bank. If you have a saving account for a wedding or a down payment, perhaps, you are able to open multiple accounts and transfer your money to them. You’re not required to start with lots of money since some banks don’t require you to start with a huge sum of money. 

Banking App

Nowadays, to make it easier for their users, most banks provide a mobile app that makes it super easy for your online transactions. Not only can you make transactions, but you can also make payments, pay bills, check your transaction history, and so on. Some mobile banking apps make payments so easy by providing a QR code as well and you don’t have to fill in the person’s bank account number. 

Synch with Budget App

Budgeting apps can be linked to your online banking information. If you are saving money for a wedding, or a car loan, worrying about going over budget is no longer a worry. Linking your budget app to your bank information can help you save money and stick to your monthly budget is convenient. 

study mbbs course in ireland

Why We Must Study Hard to Become Doctor

MBBS, or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, is one of the most prestigious and difficult bachelor degrees in the field because it combines two degrees into one in the medical field. Despite being the most coveted degree in the medical sector, obtaining it and going through all the requirements to succeed is undoubtedly not a walk in the park for students. Instilling in medical students the essential information, skills, and practical experience is difficult, and teachers must also put in a lot of work. But most importantly, imprinting into their brains and hearts the vital notion that they will be accountable for human lives and making them aware of the magnitude of the weight it places on their shoulders. Given a student’s enthusiasm and sincerity for the course of study and the ultimate career, it is unquestionably a sound, reputable, and richly gratifying vocation to choose. That’s why we must study mbbs course in ireland.


A prospective student who wants to become a doctor has no choice but to meet the requirements for that department. One of the dreams of many people is to become a doctor. This relates to the benefits of studying medicine as opposed to other majors or scientific disciplines. The medical field is one that holds out a lot of promise. In the areas of health and humanity, a doctor has a lot of wonderful things they can accomplish. From an economic standpoint, the medical field is also extremely promising for high income, particularly if it is successful in building a reputation as a reliable doctor and has the chance to keep selling specialized education levels. The following are some of the advantages that can be obtained when studying in the medical department:

  • Possess the Chance to Become a Doctor

Being admitted into the medical department is the only way to pursue a career in medicine because it is where the fundamental skills required to become a doctor are taught. Thus, enrolling in and successfully completing the medical department is the only option a prospective student who wants to become a doctor must take advantage of.

  • Have a Secure Future

It must be acknowledged that majoring in medicine has the potential to lead to a career with a bright future. Because health issues are one of the problems that will always exist and because doctors are one solution to these issues, the community will always require a doctor. The size of Indonesia and the demand for medical personnel, particularly doctors, in diverse regions of the nation show that there are still plenty of prospects for a doctor to succeed in the future. If he dares to devote himself to fields that still need the presence of a doctor, even a doctor who struggles to compete in a big metropolis still has a chance to succeed.

  • Possibility of Making a Large Income

The potential for a high income level based on the requirements set by the Indonesian Doctors Association is another benefit of concentrating in medicine. Additionally, a doctor’s standard of living will rise if they are able to complete a level of specialist education. A doctor may open their own practice in addition to working in many hospitals or clinics. A doctor can generate more revenue thanks to this circumstance.

Be an MBBS: Your gateway to a secured future as a Doctor – Kashmir Reader

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