Be A Vendor

Little Penang Street Market is a low-cost venue where Penang’s creativity is on display and where local artists, artisans and cultural entrepreneurs can sell directly to the public.

The Market is also committed to upgrade local arts, crafts and culture by providing design and marketing support to local artists, artisans and cultural entrepreneurs. It also provides a venue whereby local Penang charities can showcase and sell their work, for example through the sponsorship and presence of Community Works, and provides a space for visual artists to display and sell their work.

So we welcome applications from anyone who fulfils our criteria. Check out the process below, and join in the wonderful event that is Little Penang Street Market. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Application Process

Contact form. All information must be supplied in full and submitted to Little Penang Street Market by email, mail, or
in person. The Vendors Form is available below.

Photos. For your application to be processed, we will need photos of your work. Please email all photo images as attachments to: [email protected]

Deadline to apply for a stall: Ideally, six weeks before Market Day.

We reserve the right to refuse application for a stall based on quality and appropriateness for the

Rules & Regulations

1. All products offered for sale must be designed or made by the registered stallholder, or have some personal quality which relates to our theme of ‘creativity and heritage’ (so for example, vintage or collectibles items will be considered). We do not want mass-produced goods that can be bought in any supermarket or commercial outlet.

2. Only products listed and approved by the Management on the current application may be sold. If you wish to add new items to your stall, please put in an additional request in writing, with photos, for approval by the Management.

3. Stallholder(s) listed on the current application must be in attendance during Market Day unless alternative arrangements have been okayed by the Management.

4. Stalls can be shared between multiple applicants only with prior approval of Management.

5. Stalls cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person.

6. We have our food tent and of course are happy to consider the sale of other food items (traditional preserves, etc). Please note that vendors who wish to sell food items must comply with the highest standard of food handling safety and must have a health clearance certificate from MPPP (a painless process but you need to contact them).

7. We encourage eco-friendly packaging of your products. That means no plastic bags or styrofoams should be used.

8. Copying the ideas and work of other stallholders is in breach of creative copyright and is not in the spirit of the Market.

9. Stallholders are responsible for keeping their site and surrounding area clean & tidy. Boxes & cartons must be removed from public area. Stallholders are responsible for removing their own rubbish at the end of Market Day.

10. Stallholders must confine their displays and signs to the stall site and keep pathways clear for market visitors.

11. Stalls must set up on time and must not close early. The market runs from 10am to 5pm.

12. Loud product promotion by stallholders is not permitted.

13. The market is a non-smoking area.

14. We welcome your feedback. Please contact us via email or phone or in person with any suggestions for improvements, changes, adaptations, whatever!

Little Penang Street Market accepts no responsibility for damages to persons or goods, or any loss due to theft, fire, assault, negligence or vandalism.

Little Penang Street Market has the right to withdraw the right to trade of any stallholder in dispute with Little Penang Street Market or any persons. Right to trade will only be reinstated if the dispute is resolved to Management’s satisfaction.

Little Penang Street Market has the right to reject any stallholder who they believe does not comply with the stated regulations.

For safety and public health reasons, stallholders are not permitted to bring pets and other animals to the Market.

We welcome you to the Market and would love to have your application.

Please download and fill in the Vendor Form.

If you have any questions, please call us at 017 4290806
Email: [email protected]