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Visual Arts: The Gallery and more

As well as showcasing crafts, food products, performance arts and cultural events, the Little Penang Street Market also hosts a Visual Arts Tent – The Gallery – which showcases the work of established and emerging Penang artists. Again, the stress is making visual arts more accessible to the Penang audience, as well as giving them a chance to buy art at an affordable price. In general, visual arts are becoming an increasingly significant part of Penang’s arts industry, and the Market is committed to supporting its development. This initiative is generously sponsored by Community Works.

Artists who have featured at The Gallery include

Fuan Wong – hailed for being an “artist producing works of truly international standard”, Fuan creates fused glass objects which have been featured across the globe such as the de Young Museum, San Francisco and Asia Society, New York. Fuan now has a permanent base in Penang, located on Armenian Street.

Howard Tan, a superb Photographer and artist and a mystery artist – a regular exhibitor at our Market, so come and find out about who this special one is…

Choo Beng Teong, a gentle nature lover, he is known not just in Malaysia, but world wide, for his exquisitely detailed wildlife watercolours. His patience and skill has allowed him to depict both fauna and flora in their most glorious states.

Moy Siew Ting, remarkable for her outstanding depictions of butterflies and beetles which have already garnered her widespread recognition from within the artist community. Moy’s paintings portray an appreciation for simple delicate beauty and a sharp eye for detail.

Regina Ibrahim has been described as a visual artist working in the figurative expressionist mode.Regina sees deeply into her transgendered reality and her vibrant colours and strong symbolism tell of her kampung life and her insights into the condition of women. 

May Leong

Shamsul Bahari

Abdul Latif bin Kamaluddin

Ch’ng Kiah Kiean

Allen Soon

In August 2007, Little Penang Street Market also hosted an exhibition of  three sets of visual artists – Urban Creatures with their digital art instillation, School of Design’s Final Project March 2007 from Kolej Damansara Utama entitled Past Forward, and Little Penang’s very own “The Gallery”, showcasing three talented artists.

Essence – a digital revival of the Orient: Essence showcased of arts by five artists from Penang, Kuala Lumpur and France, whose works can be translated as a love for Penang food, culture and people, the Core of The Pearl of the Orient. It expressed the amazement, appreciation and love theses young people have for the island.

Kolej Damansara Utama – Past Forward – Exhibition of Students’ Final Year Project, March ’07: The final year project was related to Penang’s heritage. Students were taken on a field trip to the historic centre of the city told to pick a local site to promote and at Beach Street, to pick a site to design light sculptures to brighten the street. The Exhibition gave Penangites an insight into how their city impacts on the young, and what the young feel the city requires.

Then we have our other art events at the Little Penang Street Market:

featuring our regular portrait artist and friend: A. Rashid   (016-416 0859 • Email: [email protected])

and a host of other events and fun times, including Anak-Anak Kota with their on-the-spot silkscreen T-shirts and B Home with their painted tiles and live demonstration:

Chiam: floral arrangement

Equator Art Academy: on-the-spot silkscreen T-shirts

Tunku Zaleha from Flair – glass painting; for class and materials, contact Tunku Zaleha.
PO Box 621, Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. Tel: 016-540 5658

Eric Yeoh – illustrated Christmas cards, paintings on wood blocks