Music, Music

Music and Dance

The Space showcases music and dance of every kind. We have presented music and dance which is part of the heritage of different communities in Penang, as well as contemporary music and dance, much of which is presented by younger, innovative troupes, groups and individuals.

Performances have included asli music, wayang kulit, boria, ronggeng, joget, gendang silat, kompang, top spinning, Chinese drumming, lion dances, wu shu, kung-fu, and traditional Indian dances. They have also included more contemporary performances framed by Penang’s rich musical and performance history, including the inspiration of P. Ramlee and Jimmy Boyle (here the Market links to other Penang events, such as the annual Penang Island Jazz festival). Modern dance, including breakdancing, capoeira, and hiphop has also featured strongly, presented by young Penang dance groups.


We have been fortunate enough to have professional performers appear, alongide less experienced performers. The Space is very much about celebrating Penang’s diverse musical talents, and to provide a venue whereby younger, less exposed performers can gain experience in an informal, supportive atmosphere.

Check out some of the performers.

Photos from our opening event in July 2006. The line-up included Norleena Salim, RozzSyafinaz, Joanne Kam Poh Poh, the Rozells,  Antonio & The Mixx, Mary Carlos, Simon & Joni, Tanjung Jammers, and Christopher Estrop.