How to be a video game streamer

Everyone loves to play video games. Whether it be a simple game such as angry bird or a triple-A game such as assassin creed, there will be someone to play the game. Before we start to purchase a game for us to play, most of us will search the gameplay of the game itself on youtube or any online platform. We want to know how to play the game and is it worth our money. That is why some of us became a video game streamer. Watching a video game stream could be entertainment for us other than watching movies or hanging out with friends. For some people, watching a video game stream also could teach them one or two new things or tricks for playing the game itself. That is why there are a lot of game streamers out there. You also can be one. Why not try your luck because you also can create money from it. Create a video game streaming and upload it to an online platform and until you reach certain criteria then the platform will pay you. Here how you can start your video game streaming.

  • Have a strong and stable internet

Before starting your career in video game streaming, you must have a strong and stable internet connection or you have to say goodbye to it. A strong and stable internet connection will help you with streaming because if you are playing an online game such as Valorant or Counter-strike, you will also need the internet connection for live streaming itself. You can’t do video streaming without it. That is why having a strong and stable internet connection is important for video game streaming. You can find a lot of internet plans out there. Amongst it, there is the Time fibre package. You can apply for it and start your video game streaming profession.

  • Choose the right equipment

One can never do video game streaming without their equipment. Right equipment that is suited for you will help you improve your gameplay less or more. That is why choosing the right equipment for yourself is also important. Most of the people out there watching your gameplay because of your skills and want to learn something from it. That is another reason why you must choose the right equipment before actually doing video game streaming. One can spend a thousand in place to find the right equipment for himself. If you are playing a pc game, a right gaming mouse and a comfortable keyboard will help you while playing the game.

  • Find a suitable platform

You can find that Facebook could be the right platform to do video game streaming while others may find it not. You need to explore what is the best platform for you to use for your video game streaming. You must be comfortable with the platform interface unless you want to lose your audience. You find a lot of online platforms out there such as the most famous place for video game streaming is Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and a lot more.

In conclusion, just keep practice and play the game

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