Essential Chemistry Glassware For Your First Lab

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So, you have finally set up your first lab that mainly deals with chemistry, and now all you need is laboratory research equipment Malaysia. Maybe you know a thing or two about flasks, but you need way more than just a few tubes or cylinders. 

Glassware are the icons of chemistry for a good reason. They are your primary containers of chemicals and also work as measuring tools for the liquids. There are a variety of glassware that come in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs.


A beaker is a large cylindrical container with a flat bottom and usually comes with a spout at its upper rim. The purpose of the spout is to ensure that liquids are poured effectively without wasting the excess and causing a risk of chemical splashes or contact.

A beaker can hold varying volumes of liquid, and comes in different sizes. Heating and mixing of substances can take place in a beaker. It is not really used for accurately measuring chemicals despite coming with measurements. There are other glassware that do a better job at such.

Conical flask

Also known as an Erlenmeyer flask, its neck is cylindrical and narrow,  joined by a large, conical body and a flat bottom. It is one of the most used flasks in laboratories to carry out different experiments such as filtrations, crystallizations and titration. 

The flask also makes stirring easier as thanks to its conical body, chemical spills are impossible unless the bottom is smashed, cracked, or the chemical is poured out of the neck on purpose. Besides, it can also be capped with a rubber cap or cork, but it must never be sealed when boiling liquids or the pressure will build inside and explode the flask.

Boiling flask

A boiling flask is round at the bottom and is connected by a long, narrow neck. Similar to conical flasks, it can be used to mix and heat chemicals, and can also be capped. Again, it must never be boiled while sealed or it will meet the same consequence as conical flasks.

Test tube

A test tube is a small, cylindrical pipe with one circular opening and a rounded bottom. They are used to store or mix reagents in any chemical or biological reactions. Very useful when a qualitative assessment is required when testing a large amount of samples.

Watch glass

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A round glass that is slightly concave like a lens that holds a small amount of liquids, solids or other substances as needed. It can also be used as a lid for a beaker.

Volumetric flask

Also known as a graduated or measuring flask, this is primarily used to prepare solutions. Its neck is long and narrow, attached to a flat, conical bottom. Its precise volume measurements enable liquids to be measured accurately.

In addition to a number that indicates the size of a correct stopper, the volumetric flask is also calibrated for a specific temperature as indicated on itself.

Graduated cylinder

A graduated or measuring cylinder is a primary tool to accurately measure liquids to achieve a specific, precise volume. It has several unit measurements up and down the body, and comes in a variety of sizes. The smaller its diameter is, the more specific the volume measurements will be.

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