What Are The Functions of a Signal Tower Light?

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Have you ever been somewhere where a signal tower light is present? You must have been wondering what all the colours indicate, right? Patlite Signakl Tower Malaysia is the best company in Malaysia that offers you the products related. On many different occasions, signal tower light is used for the same main function which is to indicate if there is something going on. It is basically an emergency indicator and you can see it when you are somewhere hazardous such as in a factory. We are here to know the functions of a signal tower light, so without any further delay, let’s find out more about it. 

A Basic Introduction

A signal tower light is also known as a stack light and holds the main purpose which is to tell people about the status of a machine or a situation. It is mainly used in industrial manufacturing and you can easily spot one when you are in these locations. The common ones usually consist of five colours: red, green, yellow, white, and blue. We will get to the meaning of these colours later. They are actually passive devices, which means they stay in one place. They are operated directly by distributed control systems, PLCs and many more. 

Main Functions of a Signal Tower Light

Patlite Signakl Tower Malaysia

We’ve known that this is the most awaited topic that you have been wondering about. You have been told that a stack light typically consists of five different colours that serve different purposes right. We’ll get to that in a moment. Most of the time, factories would have quite a number of signal tower lights because there are many machines functioning at the same time. These tower lights are used to tell the workers about the status of these machines. It would be difficult if these stack lights are not present because the workers would have to check on the machines manually. This is very time-consuming and also requires a lot of manpower. With the existence of these signal tower lights, their burdens can be lifted from their shoulders. Other than that, it is a lot easier and more cost-effective. They can be used to indicate dangers too when the colour red shows up. These are the real meanings behind the five different colours in a signal tower light:

  • Red

This is the most striking colour among the others. We are familiar with the colour red. This colour is commonly used to inform if there is a case of emergencies such as machine failure or an emergency stop. 

  • Yellow

Just like the order of colours on traffic lights, the colour yellow is usually to tell if the machine is way too hot because of the high pressure or excessive temperature.

  • Green

The colour green is always calming, just like in this situation. If the signal tower light is showing this colour, it simply means that everything is in a good condition. 

  • Blue

The colour blue in stack lights or signal tower lights means that the machine is in need of external support. Maintenance and scheduling are examples of external support in this context.

  • White

The colour white indicates that user-specified conditions applied to a given machine, typically related to productivity monitoring

Your questions have been answered. These are the main functions of the signal tower lights that you might not know about before.

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