This Month : Sunday May 27th at the usual venue of Upper Penang Road, 10.00am – 5pm

This Month : Sunday May 27th at the usual venue of Upper Penang Road, 10.00am – 5pm

This month’s schedule market will include

* visual arts display and affordable art at our Art Gallery, Malaysia brought to you by A2 Gallery

* wonderful crafts showcasing a range of products, including jewellry, clothes, bags, shoes, antiques and collectibles, photography (some beautiful and original photos of Penang and elsewhere), wood products, traditional crafts, ceramics, candles, fresh potted herbs, glassware, and much else……

* stalls showcasing products made by different organisations like Asia Community Service, Women’s Welfare Council and others

* campaign stall for Relay for Life Penang 2012 – find out how you can join in Penang’s annual cancer awareness/fund raising event that ends with a fabulous overnight event in the Youth Park on June 23/24.

The Performance Space will present (correct at time of insertion)

11.00  Indian Classical dancing

11.30  Relay for Life performance by cancer survivors

11.45  Songs from Angeline

12.00  Music and Urban Jumping (parkour) from Eduardo and friends

12.30  Penang Story-telling from Himanshu

12.45  James and Kathy Rozells entertain

1.30  Hip Hop Dancing

1.45  Akido demonstration

2.00  Danzity present ….

2.30 Blues Jamming

3.15 Music and more music

A huge, huge thank you to all our supporters, friends, sponsors and participants.

Celebrate creativity and heritage with us on May 27th ….. at Little Penang Street Market!

Bring your family and friends and colleagues and…….. spread the word. Be part of Little Penang Street Market. Revel in Penang’s creativity and heritage!

And a special big thank you to MPPP for their venue sponsorship and its strong and on-going support.