The Little Penang Street Market

Little Penang Street Market is a monthly market which takes place on the last Sunday of each month, in Upper Penang Road, Malaysia.

Since the first market in July 2006, the Market has become established as a major venue for the showcasing of Penang’s culture and creativity. It combines some 70 craft stalls with food, live performances in The Space, visual arts,  hands-on demonstrations and other activities like children’s activities and book readings. All  resulting in a wonderful ambience, unique in Penang.

Check out our various activities! Come and visit! Tell your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours! Become a sponsor! Become a participant – this Market is yours, come and showcase your products (must be creative in some way), your performing skills, your visual arts – just contact us for details and to book a space! Or check out the relevant part of this website!

Next market: Sunday November 25th 2012 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Deepavali. Little Penang continues to celebrate the diversity of cultures and talents in Penang – last Sunday (October 28th) we had classical Indian dancing, Zumba moden dance/fitness, fabulous singing and moves from Annabelle and brother Walter, ukelele playing from Manual Ukeleles, harmonica playing like you wouldn’t belive from Timothy, and jamming from Tanjung Jammers. Plus kolam demonstration and the usual fabulous stalls and art at A2 Gallery’s art section. Plus a quiz!

The November market will be fantastic! Poetry with cecil rajendra and others, a drama from a USM project called Trees of Dreams and Hope, jazz with Volatile in anticipation of the Penang Island Jazz festival and christmas carols witht he wonderful Georgetown Singers cos this will be our last market before Christmas. Plus lots more live performances —– and food —– and art —– and shopping —– In other words, it will be another unique and fabulous day in Upper Penang Road ….. no one else comes close!

The Stalls

Our Market promotes the best of Penang crafts and local products. Vendors are carefully screened, and products have to meet one or more of the following criteria.

– Related to heritage or tradition

– Hand-made in Malaysia

– 70% made from Malaysian materials


The Space

Showcases Penang’s performing arts. Our programming provides a venue to highlight Penang’s diverse cultures and traditions, while also providing room for more contemporary entertainment. Performers are drawn from Penang’s many communities, covering all age groups and levels. Professional performers are found alongside the less experienced: the Market is committed to being a venue whereby newer talents are given the opportunity to learn and to flourish. The Market is also concerned to promote social harmony through inter-cultural participation and an appreciation of our cultural diversity, and The Space helps explain, perform and share the various aspects of Malaysian festivals and cultural traditions to our appreciative and mixed audience.


The Gallery

Displays the work of emerging Penang artists, bringing art to the people in an accessible and affordable way. Visual Arts is becoming an increasingly significant part of Penang’s arts industry, and the Market is committed to supporting its development. This initiative is sponsored by Community Works.


Children’s Activities, Book Readings, and more

The Market has always provided lots of different activities. These have included activities for children, part of which is a conscious effort to promote fun activities which also serve as arts and culture and heritage education. Children from residential homes have also actively participated in our Market: an initiative that was developed in partnership with Reading For Life. We have also held many book readings, whereby Penang audiences can meet and interact with some of Penang’s and Malaysia’s newer and more established authors. Little Penang continues to support book reading through our membership of Bookworms.



The Market is committed to being eco-friendly. Products such as natural soaps, herbal plants, hand-woven animals and crafts made out of recycled materials, are specially promoted. We also strongly encourage packaging to be made of recyclable material, and provide recycling facilities on site.

The Little Penang Street Market is a non-profit market, run by a volunteer committee, under the auspices of the Penang Arts Council. Come and support us!