The Importance Of Your Child’s Primary School Subjects

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Your child’s years of education are about to start months after you buy child education savings plan Malaysia, which guarantees that they will be going smoothly and the school fees will not be the biggest issue you will face in your life. So far, so good.

Now it might sound silly as to why you are about to be explained about the importance of the usual subjects in your child’s primary school, but if you think about it, these highlights are more for your child than yourself. You can take them and use it as advice to them when they might ask why they need to go to school.

We have all been there. At some point in our school lives, we wondered why we needed to learn about this and that, and it wasn’t until long after school that we knew why. We may also be eventually interested in some of the subjects like chemistry or history in our free time, and we paid more attention to them than we were at school.

So what to explain to your child about the importance of the subjects that they will definitely learn?


Bahasa Melayu and English

As both are language classes, they are lumped together as one category. As Malaysians, Bahasa Melayu is our national language, so it is natural that we learn it from kindergarten. English is also just as important because it is practically the universal language of most humans.

Regardless of nationality, English is always the secondary language of those not living in English speaking countries including Britain, United States, Australia, Canada and Ireland, though accents and the language structure can differ.

BM and English are very important in developing your dictionary and communication skills. It doesn’t just end at your school, you will continue to learn and develop your language skills even in your free time. The more you spend time practicing BM and English, the better you can speak them appropriately in certain situations.



Science is about the curiosity of nature and matter all around us. How do our phones work? How is rain formed? What are the species of certain mammals? Why can we breathe oxygen?

Science gives you logical explanations to make sense of how things work, and why. As a kid, it may be a subject that you will be drawn into. Maybe you like science because changing chemical colors look cool or the visuals of your science textbook are pretty to look at, but you are also curious about the world and want to know more. 

You want to discover and explore new things, and you are fascinated by the mechanisms of life and the world itself. If you want to be a doctor, scientist, or other science-related careers, this is the starting point for you.



buy child education savings plan malaysia is calculating

Mathematics may be the bane of your existence as a school student. You will yawn at the numbers, calculations and the problems you have to solve. You might not plan to become anything related to maths, so why bother?

To start with, learning how to count and work the numbers by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are crucial because in your daily life, you will use even the basics of mathematics. Say you get RM50 from your mother, and she tells you to buy five donuts and return the correct balance of RM30. One donut costs RM4, so you buy at a total of RM20.

Subtract RM20 from RM50 and you now have RM30. That will be your answer when you return the balance to your mom after she asks you how much is the change now, just to test you.

Mathematics is also important because it helps you solve problems, which isn’t always just numbers but anything else too. You have to think and decide the correct or best solution to solve the problems, and if one answer fails, try again.