Guide 101: Ship Chartering

ship chartering Malaysia

What is ship chartering? Ship chartering is the process of transporting cargoes in a secure and cost-effective manner. It is actually important for charterers to have a broad understanding of the critical anticipation and the speciality of strategies when it comes to negotiating and decision making for chartering for both respective charter parties.

To put chartering in a broader aspect, the process of chartering is when the shipowner rents the ship to either the cargo company or owner so that they can transport the cargoes from one port to another. The advantage of ship chartering is to deal with agreements, prevent any difficulty when chartering ships and to organize any disputes if there is any. Here is a list of some ship chartering companies in Malaysia.


MBL Shipping Sdn.Bhd is a shipping company that does worldwide transportation and logistics in the shipping business. This company helps clients around the world to transport containers and also does logistic services. Not only that, MBL Shipping is in the business long enough to provide good service as they are experts in vessel chartering like breakbulk cargo and stocking projects. Additionally, they have also done ship chartering Malaysia to many destinations. Last but not least, they specialises in loading cargo to in the most of the Asia continent like:

  • Middle East
  • China 
  • Southeast Asia

Transeaways Shipping Sdn Bhd

This company was established back in 1998 to bestow logistic solutions such as importing and exporting in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Kuantan. The company was started out by 2 young men who hold a master degree who aim to build competitive and shipping services in Kuantan. Transeaways Shipping Sdn Bhd specialises in Transeaways Shipping and Master Cargo logistics. Their export and import coverage covers areas such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Myanmar.

Liberty Shipping

Established in 2005, Liberty Shipping Sdn Bhd provides their services to Malaysia and their overseas customers with extra services that are typically not provided by other organisations. The services they offer to the client is by relying on land,air and ocean services. Besides that, their main priority is to have a win-win situation for both them and their client. Thus, providing a good service to their customers. In the transportation of projects and heavy loads, Liberty shipping and chartering Sdn Bhd has a unique way to help its customers get things done.


Logosco specialises in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine engineering
  • Offshore industries

Logosco also have services that can provide worldwide services at any size dry cargo tonnage that is not limited to navigate through bulk carriers, multipurpose and reefer. Besides that, they also provide charter shipment (full and part), time chartering, voyage, freight cover, contracting and many more. By using their services, you can ensure that high-quality services will be provided to you.

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ship chartering Malaysia