light weight concrete selangor

Use the light weight concrete Selangor for your building!

In order to ensure that a structure is sturdy and solid, concrete, bricks, and other building materials are typically used. In order for a structure to survive longer and be able to withstand even the worst weather, it is crucial to choose only the best materials when constructing a building or a home. Bricks, cement, steel, and light weight concrete Selangor are some of the materials that are frequently utilized in construction. 

Why is it necessary to utilize lightweight structural concrete?

Cost Savings

It is common knowledge that structural lightweight concrete is economical. It provides a level of design versatility unavailable in conventional form. Longer spans, greater fire ratings, and thinner sections all contribute to its superior seismic structural response. Compared to ordinary ones, it has smaller structural elements and a lower story height. It reduces the amount of reinforcing steel needed, saving a significant sum of money, and it also lowers the foundation expenses. It certainly saves a lot of money and time with such significant advantages. 


Because structural lightweight concrete is considered to be so robust, it is utilized to construct buildings, ships, and bridges. Even in locations with harsh weather, it is resilient. It is superior to other types of concrete because of its eco-friendly approach. It has great compression, water resistance, and thermal insulation and is composed entirely of natural materials, all of which contribute to its durability.

Earthquake, Fire, and Sound Resistance

The qualities of the structural light weight concrete are understood to make it fireproof. The fact that structural light weight concrete can be used for soundproofing is just one of its numerous benefits. Using it addresses the primary safety risk of the building easily catching fire. Using light weight aggregate concrete, privacy issues in homes and workplaces can be easily addressed. Use it in meeting spaces, recording studios, and houses in busy neighborhoods to block out extra noise. It is often employed in studios to produce an acoustic spot. Because it is more flexible and self-curing due to its qualities, light weight concrete doesn’t shatter or fracture during earthquakes.

 Easier Carry

It is challenging to transport the structures because they are large and heavy. At the construction site, the standard concrete must be produced, and it requires laborers and equipment to transport it up. The lightweight structural concrete can be produced in a cozy workspace and delivered without difficulty to the location where it only needs to be set on the mark. Along with the transportation costs for collecting the necessary components, it also saves a significant amount of labor and effort. The lightweight aggregate is lighter and easier to transport because of its size. It appears to be a panel that merely has to be installed as a building’s wall or roof.


light weight concrete Selangor
light weight concrete Selangor

When compared to standard concrete, structural light weight concrete is superior in every manner. It is without a doubt the best alternative because of its many advantageous qualities as well as supplementary benefits including cost savings, weight reduction, fire, water, and seismic safety resistance. It is produced in a way that is environmentally beneficial and non-toxic, which indirectly benefits us.