Mobile games vs PC games

Nowadays, there are many people that like to play video games to fill their leisure time or when they feel bored and do not know what to do. A few years back then, most people play video games just by using the computer. It is because the computer is the only device that can be used to play video games. But now, technology has become more advanced than before where mobile devices have been created. Also, these mobile devices can be used to play games and it is called mobile games. You can go to mobile development Malaysia if you want to know more about mobile games. Aside from that, let’s see what are the differences between mobile games and PC games.

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  • The graphic of the game

Every game has different types of graphic resolution that make the picture in the game look real and has a high definition. However, the graphics of the game can change depending on the device that is used to play the game. If we look at the PC games, the graphics of the game are prettier and more real because the PC has a few processors that are powerful enough to support the high graphics of the game. Unlike mobile devices which have less power and only can process low graphics of the game. But now, there are a few mobile devices that are powerful enough to support the game with a high graphic. 

  • The control of the game

Both mobile games and PC games have different controls that allow the player to control the character in the game. For PC games, people usually use a mouse and keyboard to control or play the game on the PC. For example, a mouse and keyboard are ideal to use when playing First Person Shooter (FPS) games because it is easy to control the character in the game. As for mobile games, the majority of the game is using the touchpad or the touch wheel to control or play the game. Like this one mobile game which is called PUBG Mobile which has both the touch wheel and touchpad for the player to use according to their own preference. 

  • The storage of the device

Another difference is the storage of the device. The storage of the device can affect the games where it can affect the performance in the game. This is because when the storage of the device is full, it may cause a lag of the performance as the game has a hard time to access the content of the game in the files. As we all know that a PC has bigger storage than mobile devices. So, you can have more games on the PC but for mobile devices, you might be able to play a few games only in it as it has a smaller storage capacity. 

In conclusion, there are some benefits and consequences of mobile games and PC games. It is up to us to play which one of it according to our preferences. PC games provide a gaming experience with a bigger screen to play and better graphics while mobile games provide entertainment to go. You can go and check out to view more mobile app developer Malaysia or you might want to join social media companies Malaysia.

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