Indoor Plants Palm All Your Way

Are you trying to buy organic fertiliser Malaysia for your palm trees? Wait, what kind of palm trees are you saying? The palm oil ones? Well, no, we’re not talking about that one. We are going to discuss on the types of palm trees which you plant inside the house, or perhaps your room or your office. So, how many species which you have yet to discover in your life? I bet there are plenty of them! But no worries, there will always be a first time to something in Malaysia.

The first and foremost, the Areca palm. It is also known as Bamboo Plan sometimes. This kind of palm is popular for the soft leaves. It is also said to be an expert in handling low light. The areca only needs water supply in moderation so never overwater it, even though it is known for its ability to tolerate drought very well. It has to be planted in a fertile, well aerated soil as well as apply the fertilizer monthly for it to keep the slushy-ravishing look for a long time.

Apart from that, there is the Chinese Fan Palm. This palm has star-shaped leaves which makes it different from the other palms that got feathery-like leaves all the way. The good news is that it is slow in growth but once it is matured enough you might as well want to consider putting it at some bigger space because it could go up to 15 feet. It is always advisable to go for dwarf ones if you are planning to permanently keep it. Be rest assured as you only need to annually feed the plant.

Another type would be the Majestic palm. Just like how the majesty likes to be shaded by their bodyguards under the sun, that’s how this plant works. It loves shady places and it has such a slow growth, which is good. This emperor will somehow require constant humidity and it can also grows beyond the limit of your door measurement so be prepared for it.
In conclusion, there are myriad of types of palm plants you have yet to know, whether you like it or not. Do consider having them in your house as it will definitely bring the element of nature and tranquillity to your space for your family.

Good luck!

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