The importance of online marketing in social media

With the invention of smartphones and social media, many internet users have relied on smartphones to socially interact with people online and companies use these social media platforms to advertise their products to raise awareness of their brand or simply brainwash their viewers into buying their products which is why food advertisements are more effective than any other advertisements. This goes without saying, but every country has its own unique way of creating their own advertisements as they are created based on the prominence, proximity, trend and culture they are surrounded by. Some advertisements would utilize the popularity of internet trends to attract plenty of attention from their younger target audience as most trends are popular in the younger age group. 


The online marketing social media Malaysia stands out for advertising unique and racially diverse advertisements during festive holidays such as Chinese New Year, Thaipusam and Deepavali to make their viewers feel more culturally appreciated. They also featured popular celebrities such as famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo and Phua Chu Kang from the famous Singaporean hit series Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd. Some advertisements in Malaysia also use other languages to help convey messages and moral lessons in the advertisements to other races. Japan’s advertisements have been known to be some of the wackiest that no other countries can compare but it is always a success as it aims to raise awareness of their brands. For example, the advertisements for a gummy candy called Long Long Man is actually set up as a series about a couple whose relationship is hindered by a man eating a very long gummy candy as he appears nearby them and eventually as a delivery man. At the conclusion of the series during the wedding, the man appeared again and was revealed that he is interested in the groom due to sharing the same interest. This advertisement series eventually gained a lot of popularity and was covered by some news sites such as the Nerdist,  SBNation and an interview with the Long Long Man himself, Mitsuaki Imura covered by Hakuhodo. 


Online advertisements have become a trend that every company is starting to adapt towards as more internet users spend most of their time looking on their smartphone and computer screens. The longer they use their smartphones, the more exposed they are to advertisements which will affect their desire to purchase products. Although adblock extensions on web browsers help to disable advertisements, some videos on Youtube rely on these advertisements to generate income and adblock hurts Youtube creators substantially. 


With social media platforms playing a more significant role than before during lockdown due to coronavirus, more people are relying on their smartphones to search for entertainment and spend more time on their social media.  With their help, companies are able to advertise their products that may benefit people who are stuck in the house by offering them services to make their lockdown life much easier and without stepping outside becoming exposed to the virus.

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How to be a video game streamer

Everyone loves to play video games. Whether it be a simple game such as angry bird or a triple-A game such as assassin creed, there will be someone to play the game. Before we start to purchase a game for us to play, most of us will search the gameplay of the game itself on youtube or any online platform. We want to know how to play the game and is it worth our money. That is why some of us became a video game streamer. Watching a video game stream could be entertainment for us other than watching movies or hanging out with friends. For some people, watching a video game stream also could teach them one or two new things or tricks for playing the game itself. That is why there are a lot of game streamers out there. You also can be one. Why not try your luck because you also can create money from it. Create a video game streaming and upload it to an online platform and until you reach certain criteria then the platform will pay you. Here how you can start your video game streaming.

  • Have a strong and stable internet

Before starting your career in video game streaming, you must have a strong and stable internet connection or you have to say goodbye to it. A strong and stable internet connection will help you with streaming because if you are playing an online game such as Valorant or Counter-strike, you will also need the internet connection for live streaming itself. You can’t do video streaming without it. That is why having a strong and stable internet connection is important for video game streaming. You can find a lot of internet plans out there. Amongst it, there is the Time fibre package. You can apply for it and start your video game streaming profession.

  • Choose the right equipment

One can never do video game streaming without their equipment. Right equipment that is suited for you will help you improve your gameplay less or more. That is why choosing the right equipment for yourself is also important. Most of the people out there watching your gameplay because of your skills and want to learn something from it. That is another reason why you must choose the right equipment before actually doing video game streaming. One can spend a thousand in place to find the right equipment for himself. If you are playing a pc game, a right gaming mouse and a comfortable keyboard will help you while playing the game.

  • Find a suitable platform

You can find that Facebook could be the right platform to do video game streaming while others may find it not. You need to explore what is the best platform for you to use for your video game streaming. You must be comfortable with the platform interface unless you want to lose your audience. You find a lot of online platforms out there such as the most famous place for video game streaming is Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and a lot more.

In conclusion, just keep practice and play the game

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The Industry That Might Get Affected By The Automation Advancement

In this era of globalization, everything can be done with the help of technology and automation. This is because with the help of technology and automation, the work can be done easily, and also it can be done in a short period of time. More or less, it has helped to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the work. Plus, it also can break the human limits where there is some work that can not be done by manpower itself. So, the usage of technology and automation has become an important thing for us. Not only that, but it also might affect many industries to use automation systems. These are the examples of industries that might get affected by automation advancement. 

  • Transportation service industry

Transportation is important to people that do not have their own transport to move from one place to another place. These people usually use a transportation service for them to go to their workplace. As we can see, the majority of people in Japan are using public transport to go to their workplace. Seeing that the transportation industry is important to people, it might be possible for the industry to be affected by automation advancement. For example, there might be an automated car where the car has the auto drive feature that allows the car to drive without being handled by a driver. This is really beneficial because it can help to reduce the traffic on the road. It is because many people will start to ride public transportation instead of using their own transport. 

  • Restaurant industry

How many times do we see that the restaurant is full of people? There must be a restaurant that is full of customers who come to eat there. Since there are many people who come to the restaurant, the service might get slower than usual. So to make the service become better and faster, automation can be used. Even now, there are several restaurants that are using automated service for their restaurants. We can see where McDonald’s uses the automated kiosk where customers can order the food through that kiosk. Plus, they can just pay for the food at the kiosk which makes it really convenient. 

  • Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry requires many procedures to get the work done. This might affect the manufacturing process if they are using manpower to do the work. Plus, there is some work that is a bit heavy and can not be done by humans themselves. So, the manufacturing industry also might get affected by automation advancement to improve the productivity and the efficiency of the work. In the end, the product might be produced in the best state. 

In conclusion, there are many industries that might get affected by automation advancement. Either way, these automatons are used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. If you are interested to get industrial automation, you can check out to industrial automation company Malaysia

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Mobile games vs PC games

Nowadays, there are many people that like to play video games to fill their leisure time or when they feel bored and do not know what to do. A few years back then, most people play video games just by using the computer. It is because the computer is the only device that can be used to play video games. But now, technology has become more advanced than before where mobile devices have been created. Also, these mobile devices can be used to play games and it is called mobile games. You can go to mobile development Malaysia if you want to know more about mobile games. Aside from that, let’s see what are the differences between mobile games and PC games.

10 Best Android and iPhone Games to Help You Survive Social Distancing |  WIRED

  • The graphic of the game

Every game has different types of graphic resolution that make the picture in the game look real and has a high definition. However, the graphics of the game can change depending on the device that is used to play the game. If we look at the PC games, the graphics of the game are prettier and more real because the PC has a few processors that are powerful enough to support the high graphics of the game. Unlike mobile devices which have less power and only can process low graphics of the game. But now, there are a few mobile devices that are powerful enough to support the game with a high graphic. 

  • The control of the game

Both mobile games and PC games have different controls that allow the player to control the character in the game. For PC games, people usually use a mouse and keyboard to control or play the game on the PC. For example, a mouse and keyboard are ideal to use when playing First Person Shooter (FPS) games because it is easy to control the character in the game. As for mobile games, the majority of the game is using the touchpad or the touch wheel to control or play the game. Like this one mobile game which is called PUBG Mobile which has both the touch wheel and touchpad for the player to use according to their own preference. 

  • The storage of the device

Another difference is the storage of the device. The storage of the device can affect the games where it can affect the performance in the game. This is because when the storage of the device is full, it may cause a lag of the performance as the game has a hard time to access the content of the game in the files. As we all know that a PC has bigger storage than mobile devices. So, you can have more games on the PC but for mobile devices, you might be able to play a few games only in it as it has a smaller storage capacity. 

In conclusion, there are some benefits and consequences of mobile games and PC games. It is up to us to play which one of it according to our preferences. PC games provide a gaming experience with a bigger screen to play and better graphics while mobile games provide entertainment to go. You can go and check out to view more mobile app developer Malaysia or you might want to join social media companies Malaysia.

Scuba Diving Records Worth Knowing

People in the world are always challenging each other by breaking records and one of the most famous organizations that authorize and collect these records are the Guinness World Records. You can find all sorts of world records in there, ranging from ones that are superb to the ones that are ridiculous and trivial. Holding a world record means that out of everyone in this world, you can do that particular thing the best and human’s competitive nature finds these challenges tempting. Every year you will get numerous people attempting to break records or create a whole new record. One of the well-known areas within the Guinness World Records is scuba diving and there are multiple records being held when it comes to scuba diving. This article would list down three of these world records. 

1 – Highest Altitude Scuba Diving

Currently, the person that holds the world record for the highest altitude scuba diving is Marcel Korkus, a Polish diving instructor. The altitude which he dived in was 6,395 meters above sea level and he attempted this in December 2019. The place where the dive took place was Ojos del Salado. It is considered as the highest volcano on Earth and it is located on the borders between Argentina and Chile. On the day of the dive, the water temperature was just 3° C and the team had to break ice with the thickness of 1.3 meters before Korkus could go underwater. 

2 – Fastest Scuba Diving in 10 km

In 2018, August 22nd, Faisal Al Mosawi became the record holder for the fastest 10 km scuba diving. He is a disabled scuba diver who has always worked hard in achieving his goals without letting his physical limitations prevent him from accomplishing things and going after one’s dream. With this record, he said he has proved that limitations are only in our head and if we will ourselves to do something, we can achieve it no matter what. This diver from Kuwait, trained for three months in pools and one month in the open sea before finally attempting to break the previous record. He set the new record in Hurghada, Egypt where the dive lasted for 5 hours and 24 minutes, successfully cutting off the time by an hour compared to the previous record. 

3 – Longest Saltwater Scuba Diving

For this record, it is held by an Egyptian diver, Saddam Al-Kilany. He beat the previous record set by a Turkish diver Cem Karabay with an hour more to his clock. He spent 145 hours and 30 minutes underwater before he surfaced. This record was attempted by Saddam off the coast of Dahab on 5th of November, this year. While being underwater for an incredible six days, Saddam did many things to pass his times. He prayed, played chess and even painted underwater while he waited to finally break the previous record. He and his team were very cautious in their plan as they wished for a perfect success in Saddam’s attempt.

These records are here to be awed at but bear in mind, this could change anytime soon. Comes another diver with great determination and motivation, they can definitely break these records with enough preparation and practice. If you are inspired to be one of the people to break these records but you are still an amateur scuba diver, you can get your diving license in Malaysia because not only the islands here are magnificently beautiful, the diver instructors here are experts with years of experience. 

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Advantage And Disadvantage of Frozen Food

The thing which incorporates a lot of benefits also has some disadvantages. Same like that food product encompasses a lot of advantages to human life and on the other hand also some disadvantages. If we discuss advantages, then the very first thing available in our minds is that we can store frozen foods as long as we would like but this is often not the case. Only selected items will be stored using freezing while others can lose their taste. Some foodstuffs have great taste. And becomes more delicious upon freezing similar to vegetables like spinach, corn, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. While some foods can lose their taste and maybe a blend of various tastes which feels unpleasant to the mouth. Ordering frozen foods will be good and worse. Some foodstuffs degrade over time and are useless. By ordering food products or by freezing food reception, some edible things can lose their important vitamins like b and c which are quite important in maintaining the health of someone. On the other hand, some food is additionally there which becomes more delicious over time by freezing. Click here to know more about why you should take restaurant management courses.

Frozen food in Malaysia :

In Malaysia, people use food products abundantly. They think that foodstuff is nice for his or her health and stay them healthy. But this is often not true. Foodstuff is additionally prone to health. Ascertain food items contain important antioxidants which are present once they are in fresh condition and loses them after they are frozen. While freezing food, some foodstuff changes its texture and becomes mushy. There are some important minerals and antioxidants present in fresh foods including meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits. Which protect humans cell from being damaged. While freezing food, such antioxidants become absent and your body couldn’t recover the cells without them. If you are interested, you can buy vegetables online Malaysia.

Frozen food online in Malaysia :

If we discuss the benefits of foodstuff, then there are countless benefits of foodstuff. The food product is found almost everywhere in Malaysia. While freezing food, the merchandise becomes more nutritious. We can use it anytime by just opening our freezer then we will cook it easily. Frozen foods contain the next level within Malaysia. People prefer to freeze their seasonal food and may eat it anytime. Some foodstuff becomes overloaded with certain minerals on freezing and flourish in the body. The one who is inquisitive about buying frozen foods can purchase it from any supermarket easily or just can freeze the food reception. There are different supermarkets like OnGrocer which specifically cope with foodstuff. Frozen foods have advantages that’s why it’s commonly used among people. If a food product has a disadvantage then, on the contrary, it’s numerous benefits. We cannot deny the fact and stop eating frozen foods because it disappoint one’s health but it also flourishes people’s health at large. We can avail the food product when there’s nothing to eat and that we didn’t want to create an effort in cooking, simply opt for food product and slightly cook it and revel in the relishing taste of foodstuff 

Educational Websites and their Significance

This plays a very important role in finding ideas globally. This makes it easy and convenient to collect data on topics while searching on the internet. Having a website is a great way to share and share knowledge and experience with others. This has a strong impact on the image of the company or organization.

4 Useful Websites For Higher Education Research And University Applications

This provides an opportunity for schools, colleges, and universities to introduce themselves and attract the attention of prospective students. However, there are also many potential free exercises that can be utilized. Educational sites can be a source of information, conduct self-study courses, contain learning resources, and more. The Internet has created great opportunities in the education world. In addition to providing schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions with opportunities to introduce themselves to prospective students, they also provide an educational benefit to be enjoyed. Here is more information about the significance of the educational websites and how you can also create an educational website

  • A valuable platform for corporate information:

It is important for any educational institution to have a website. Businesses are not the only ones that need an online presence to be successful. Your organization needs to break down geographical boundaries, and websites play an important role in ensuring this.

The types of information that your website can display are also very diverse. You can use your website to provide course materials, reading lists, and interactive forums, as well as information about courses, faculty, physical structures, and timelines.

Your website can be used as a communication or focal point for students, with calls to action that make it easier for students to communicate. There are important vehicles to reach.

Prospective students and parents are always looking for more information about any educational organization. They need information on infrastructure and management, and the courses and services offered. This allows them to make the right decision about whether it is right for them and their children.

  • How can a customized experience attract attention?

Education website development services can combine personalized and customized design. This ensures that the website is not only responsive but can also target the right target audience. You can use informative graphics, color illustrations, and typography to make the dots more effective. A picture really tells a thousand words.

Infographics can create in-depth experiences for students, making them useful ways to explain the programs and courses you offer. It’s important to make sure you provide high standards of information and content, including high-quality photos, professional photos, and high-definition videos.

If you too want to create a website for learning purposes, all you need is an idea (Such as on what particular topics your website will provide information) and a web design company. Jumix web design is an excellent web design company for designing your educational website and the content for your website can be provided by different experts in a particular subject. You may have seen websites for other schools and colleges where the information provided is somewhat lacking. When building an educational website, you should look at this as your opportunity to delve into it. Make sure you always do more than satisfy the curiosity of your readers. Other than that, you can also check our website about Penang Culture.


Myth About Slot Games

Back in 1894, the creation of the first ever slot machine was designed to be put into service. Since then, there has been a frenzy on the usage and millions of casino-goers all around the globe have been staking their money inside these colorful and bright boxes that’s filled my thrill and mystery. 

Just about everyone who has ever visited a casino has tried to play and wage on these machines to give it a little spin in hope that they will gain some few bucks but failed to do so. Perhaps, it just needs a little understanding on how the machine works in order to overcome it. 

Figuring out the reason why it’s quite difficult is due to the minimal understanding people have on the slot machine functionality and trying to make it work by using peculiar methods to outbid the machine that might perpetuate many rumours.

It could also be that the machines are depending purely because of luck so people correlate them to all kinds of myths based on their readings online. 

Whatever the reasons why they exist, the truth remains that there are many misconceptions about slots that are replicated daily that you can find out here at slot machine online Malaysia.

So, let’s dive and debunk into the myths that you probably have come across. 

  • Cold and Hot Slots Fallacy

Firstly, this can be categorized as the most popular and known misconception of slot machines applicable to both in the physical venue and online. The theory goes on how at a specific amount of time, certain games would offer a higher payouts than the rest because they’re ‘hot’ and then stop doing it again after it’s got ‘cold’.

As a result, it means that the tendency for a slot to payout more than the players could ever manipulate which is incorrect in so many levels. First of all, casino games do not have built in memory in their system to manipulate the outcome of a spin.

Additionally, the Random Number Generation system is built to induce random outcomes at every turn someone takes. 

  • Time of Day Matters

This wild assumption is more applicable to the brick and mortar casinos, but a massive leap of reasoning is not required to extend it to online gaming websites. 

In short, this theory tells that the slots would give you a better payout compared to other games at a specific time of the day. During non-busy hours, the casino aims to lure players into bigger winning odds.

This theory without a doubt has no sound reasoning due to the fact that there’s no concrete proof and if this turns out to be true, the games would no longer have random outcomes.

In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to do so as it is a form of deception. Even famous gamblers wouldn’t touch machines that are altered from their factory settings. 

  • Slots are Rigged Against the Players

It is a common misconception that the games have been rigged because most of the gambling always supports the house in either way and for a number of reasons, this accusation is not valid.

For starters, if there’s a 0 chance of winning the game, no one would ever set foot in a casino again because nobody likes to wager for no return on their capital. The fact is that in playing these machines, some are going to win and some will not, it all depends solely on their own luck of their game.

For casinos to tamper with this machine so that it would miss your every turn is unlawful and is against the law so no regulators would abide by it.

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Tips that will Lighten up the Burden of Finding a New Property to Live In

Looking For A New Property?

Looking for the right property that fits you, takes a lot more effort than you think. You might think that all it needs is a good real estate agent, but actually it is more than that.

Sure, hiring a good real estate agent is one thing. But looking for the property yourself and actually getting it on your own would be even better. You see, a real estate agent does not only consider the benefits you get, but also theirs. They’d go for a property where they’d be able to get a good percentage at. Even if it is not the best choice for you, they would make it seem like it is because of the benefits they’ll be getting. So before hiring one, make sure to think about it first. 

And in the meantime, here are some tips that you might be able to use to help you out in looking for the property yourself. Guaranteed, these tips will help you lighten up the burden. Read through the whole article to find out what these are.

  • Thinking about your future plans for that property will be able to help you a lot in deciding how big the property you’re getting is. If you’re planning to keep it and build a family in it, then you should probably a property with more than two bedrooms. But if you’re only planning to keep it until you settle, then a two-bedroom property is more than enough. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money by getting a big property if you’re only planning to live in it for few years. Yes, you might think that it’s going to be okay since you’ll just be selling it in the future, but the money you spend with it will never be fully replaced. So it’s best to go for a property with the a size that you only need.
  • Then, aside from all of that, you need to do some research on the neighborhood you belong in. You want to make sure that you belong in a safe neighborhood, one that you can actually vibe with your neighborhoods with. It will surely make things a lot more fun and enjoyable. You want somewhere where you can actually sleep peacefully at night and not worry about anything else in the world.

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Now, living in a new property would be enjoyable if you don’t find the right city to in with. Therefore you should definitely consider looking into the available properties in Malaysia, for there are a ton of it you’d surely be interested in. If you choose to live there, guaranteed, life will be much easier than ever. The awesome areas that you should consider are Subang Jaya, Puchong, Selayang, Johor Bahru and Gombak

So what are you still waiting for? Look it up now before it is all too late!

Reasons to Take a Restaurant Management Course

Reasons to Take a Restaurant Management Course

Are you still not decided on what course to take? Well, don’t worry as you are not alone. It is just right that you really think well before committing to a course. After all, your plans today can greatly affect your future. It is just hard if you also have to consider your parents having a hard time funding your studies. 

If you are in a dire situation, like maybe your parents suggest you should rest this year and you think that is just a waste of your time, you can find a way without bothering your parents. Maybe they also need to consider your other siblings. Instead, you can just take a pengurusan restoran. That is right, if you choose a diploma course, you can find an organization that will help you fund your studies. You can just pay them later when you already get a job. 

There are a number of perks in taking a restaurant management course and they are enumerated below:

  • You have the option to choose your environment. With so many choices where to apply, you certainly have the option to select your environment, whether you will apply in a restaurant or maybe a hotel. Hotels after all have their own diners as well. 
  • There are facilities that offer a lot of job benefits. Yes, you will certainly enjoy exceptional perks if you end up in a good organization. That will depend though on your skills. And mind you, just because you are only taking a diploma course, does not mean that you will never keep up with a degree holder when it comes to skills. You still have a chance if you will just persevere and work hard. 
  • When it comes to career advancement, you can say that restaurant management graduates will not lack of them. You even have the options to start your own business, even in a small scale only at the start. You are in a food business course thus; the opportunities are always there. 
  • Most of the time, there will be bonuses as well on top of your regular salary. This is usually quota-based and thus, you will always have a chance to be included. This is where those hard-working people can really get the prize.
  • You have a chance to see the world. That is right and that is not only because customers from all over the world can check into the restaurant or hotel where you are working, but also because opportunities for this type of career is global. No matter where you go, you will find that people with your skills are in demand. You will never run out of a chance to find a job. 


So, you should think it over. Now is the perfect time to shape your future, considering you are still in the best years of your life. You are still about to start a world of independence. This is the time when you have to watch out for your decisions as you are now on your own. 

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